Friday, March 8, 2013

Style and's funny where they meet....

I love a good garage sale.  I really, really do.  Some of my fondest memories of garage sales were with my grand parents in Palo Alto when I was a kid.  They were awesome deal makers and negotiators.  And they called them rummage sales, which makes a heck of a lot more sense if you ask me.  I also went to many a garage sale (yard sale, more accurately) with my mom.  And I mean MANY!  It was as if the car lacked the capacity to not stop if one was on the path.  And, yes, my mom also was/is a great deal maker/negotiator.  My first troll dolls were acquired at said garage sales.  (I'm up to 35 now...all but one bought second hand...this confession might make me certifiable, eh?)

Anyway, while there were no Troll dolls to be found at this sale, we all left feelin' quite dandy and satisfied.  The highlights?

OK, my and Dave's are rather boring...shirts, sweaters, jackets, dresses (for me, not Dave), etc.  But, for the little guy, well, he's getting closer and closer to his Macklemore Halloween costume.  Dude's lookin' all Thrift Shoppy and stuff.

And if you're lucky enough to live in my neighborhood, you might just see him out walking with a friend right now.  You'll know it's he by the long mink coat (I know, I'm not a fan and I made him pay for this himself), the awesome fedora, the stylin' button down shirt, the fabulous slacks, and his fancy dress shoes.

Dude's got serious style and courage, I tell ya what!

Dave and I?  Well, we're stylin', but no courage required for our outfits.

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