Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Easter Bunny Blues

Dave and I went to the mall tonight...decidedly not my favorite place to go.  We went to one store to pick up something that wasn't there that they told us was, then we went to the Apple Store where Dave said, "Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa" (insert the teacher voice from Charlie Brown here).  Anything and everything was above my head and yes, I got that glazed look in my eyes, and yes, he noticed.

But the trip to the mall was totally worth it because on our way out guess who was there?!?!  THE EASTER BUNNY!!!  Surrounded by 3-D flowers and ladybugs no less.  Awesome!!  We stopped for a second and looked at a kid having her photo taken.  She was about nine months-ish and very happily smiled at the camera.  OK, I admit it, I was sorta disappointed.

Dave:  "Let's go."

Me:  "No, I want to wait until the bunny makes a kid cry."  You know, you've seen all the infamous photos, right?

Next a boy who was about four and his little sister who was about a year old got on the Easter Bunny's lap.  The boy got on first, all frowns and malcontent, totally looking like a future mug shot.  I was getting excited!!!!  Next the little girl got on the Bunny's lap.  Her lip quivered, her mouth opened agape, and she emitted a silent scream.  Oh, my goodness, she was adorable, and, you got it, I was absolutely, positively, embarrassingly giddy!

So there ya go, the big reveal.  That's the real me coming out...a true meanie.

P.S.  You all know I'm full of sarcasm, right? And I bet ya, that photo will absolutely, positively go viral when her parents post it.

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