Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mo' Money

About a week ago I had to take our old dog, Scout, to the vet.  She and Hazel had gotten into a tiff and Scout received a few bites.  It's all about Hazel finally realizing that she is bigger and heavier than Scout (by over twenty pounds), and she's a bit tired of Scout always being the boss.  Man, it's rough being a teenager even for dogs!

Anyway, when I was at the emergency vet place I got to see a lot of folks with a lot of dogs and cats.  It was so much like being in the E.R. (I have a lot of experience with that...eight times with my little guy, once for Dave, and twice for me).  It all comes down to triage.  I lucked out that when I arrived there was no wait, but that wasn't the case during the time I sat in the waiting room while they cleaned up Scout's wounds and prepared her prescriptions.

People from all walks of life came in.  They were dressed up.  They were dressed casually (that was my category).  They were in their P.J.s and slippers.  The dogs and cats?  They were all outfits at all.  One man really caught my attention.  He was very thin and continually stroked the hair on his head toward the back.  It's not that his hair fell into his face, rather it seemed to perhaps calm him a bit when he repeated this activity.  He went in and out of one of the examination rooms, back and forth to the counter.  He tried paying with a credit card.  It was denied.  He called a friend and had no luck.  The staff had him call some credit company that lent money for emergency animal procedures.  They were "not able to help him at this time."  He went back into the examination room and I didn't see him again.  His bill, were they to do what his dog needed, was $1200.

Someday...someday...I'd really like to be able to be able to anonymously pick up strangers in need's tabs.  I'd love to be able to surprise them and sneak away unnoticed.  Someday...

And when this someday comes, I also really, really want to have that Camaro Z28 that keeps popping up in my line of sight lately...1966 - 1969 would be peachy.  Pretty sure one of them wants me, too.

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