Friday, March 15, 2013

The Passage of Time

I love bearing witness to the passage of time.  This morning I sat at our little table with Dave, my little guy, and two of his friends.  I gazed at each of those beautiful teenage boys and thought, "Wow!"  These wonderful kids have been hanging out with each other since they lucked upon each other in kindergarten.  They've had countless play dates, an abundance of birthday parties, and a ton of overnights.  They've gone from pudgy little angelic-voiced five-year-olds all the way to deep-voiced, slightly awkward fourteen-year-olds in the blink of an eye.  I cannot even imagine how many batches of cookies I've made for them, rides I've given them, and, yes, behavioral redirections I've sent their way.

And...lucky they sat on the porch swing this morning they actually let me take a picture of them.

Me:  "Guys, you'll be so happy I took this picture of you today when you're twenty-five."

I fully expect to still be making cookies for them for decades to come.  Thinking I need to frame that photo.

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