Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Cone of Terror...

...or the cone of deliciousness...it's all in how you see it, I suppose.

Unfortunately our two dogs got in a terrible, mere seconds fight which resulted in our older dog, Scout, needing surgery.  So, that left us wondering, "What do we do?  What do we do?"

Well, of course we kept them separated until Scout was up and moving and when we finally decided to let them be together, we found out something quite interesting that we would not have predicted.  You see, Scout has been sentenced to wear one of those cone things to keep her from licking her surgical site.  Turns out those silly cones have two pretty darn amazing purposes.

1. Hazel is keeping her distance from Scout because the cone totally freaks her out.  If the cone is heading her way, she's off in the other direction, STAT.

2. Scout has managed to be a messy eater with the cone on and has been enjoying the fruits of her messiness with frequent leftover snacks available on the interior of the cone.

So, I must say we're pretty much loving the cone of shame 'round these parts.  Might just have to keep it around.

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