Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Following the Rules...Not all it's Cracked up to be

Dang if I'm not always...or nearly always...a rule follower.  Well, I sure 'nuf was one today.  I took the little guy to a free Macklemore show this afternoon.

What did I do?  Well, I obediently went around the block and got in the really, really, really, really long line and I waited for ninety the sun.

What did the little guy do?  He said, "I'm gonna go check things out," and he went right up to the entrance gate and walked straight in.

So, what did I get out of my experience?
• a slight sunburn
• conversations with lots of strangers...mostly about our chances of getting in the show
• some GREAT people watching (let me pause to say that the crowd mentality makes for some seriously stupid pedestrian decision-making)
• street cred as a cool mom who rode bikes with her kid to downtown so he could see a show

What did the little guy get out of it?
• "It was awesome!!!"
• a bit of a chuckle over his mom having waited forever in line when, "I got in in, like, two minutes."
• reinforcement that breaking rules can totally work out in his favor

All in all I have to say I had a great time making my kid's day today!!!

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