Friday, March 29, 2013

Dang, those southern regions sure do cause a ruckus sometimes!

Warning to all you male types:  Read on at your own risk.  Don't say I didn't tell ya.

Some days just don't go as planned.  This, my friends, was one of them.

By noon I thought I had my blog all planned out.  Good stuff...funny stuff...slightly disturbing stuff....

• Woke up with the bladder infection I'd been treating for two days with a home remedy.  Boo!

• Called doctor's office at 7:30 and got a 9:00 appointment time.  Yay!

• Went to appointment with an insufferably full bladder and was allowed straight to the back to give them a sample.  Yay!  (And a little Boo, I supppose.)

• Opened the little door where the sample goes and, ack, there was already another sample in there....dead center...right against the door I had opened.  I had to get a paper towel to shove it back veeeeeeery slowly.  This girl did not want a splashed-all-over-other-person's pee incident.  Boo!

• I was called to go to my appointment before my appointment.  Yay!

• I had my normal odd conversation with my also normally odd doctor...seriously, if you take a step back it's like being in some alternate universe comedy club where the doctor simply says everything on his mind.  I really like the guy!  Yay!

• Took my prescription to Target, dropped it off, and was told it would be about fifteen minutes.  Time was on my side this morning, people!  Yay!

• While I was waiting for the prescription to be prepared I did a little shopping.  Cat food...check!  Chocolate bunnies for the boys...check!  Panties for me...check!  Yay!

• Only thing...when I was looking through the panties bin I felt the presence of someone.  I looked to my side and standing about five feet from me was a man just staring at me holding said panties.  I matched his gaze with my best "What the heck are you looking at?" face and it took him about ten seconds to realize that he'd been caught.  OK, serious EW!!!  Boo!

• I went back for my prescription and got outa there.  I took my first pill in the car (no "take with food" required) and prepared to be healed.  Yay!

• On the way I stopped by the art store and picked up a brand spankin' new set of pens.  This gets a Yay, Yay, Yay!!!!

OK, so that was to be the subject of my good/funny/disturbing blog post.

But...about thirty minutes after I got home my lower legs started aching.  Kind of like a mild Charlie horse and shin splints combo plate.  I stretched them and it eased them up. stomach started cramping something terrible.  I went to my room, put my jammies on, got in bed, and planned to sleep off whatever this was.  I dozed in and out, I think I did, anyway, and suddenly my lower back was in absolute agony.  I swear it felt just like the back labor I had with my big guy.  I tried popping it and it went from agony to "kill me now!"  I did a quick Google on my phone, found out that I was suffering side effects that a small percentage of patients do.  I gasped, held back tears, and phoned my little guy who was the only one home.  He came in, got the prescription receipts and read the details.  My symptoms were on the "Call Doctor Immediately" list.  I called, I described, they agreed that I should stop taking the meds, and the nurse called in a different prescription for me.

Now, here's the wonderful thing.  For about two hours my little guy lay beside me on my bed.  He checked on me, entertained me, brought me a big pot because I felt like throwing up, and then even called the doctor's office himself after I started crying because I had to know how much longer this would last.   Seriously, I have not been in this kind of pain in a very long time (and last time at least I got a beautiful baby out of it).  He was amazing! 

My little guy found out from the nurse that if I drink water the symptoms would go away faster.  Side note, having to drink lots of water when you're stuck lying prone and you have a bladder infection...not a good combo.  He ran and got me a straw and we worked it out.

By golly, about fifteen minutes later my symptoms started slowly going away.  YAY!!!

As I sit here (yes, I can now sit) six hours after the onset, my only symptoms are slightly achy legs and lower spine, dizziness, just a bit of nausea, and a fever.  We seriously exorcised that demon!

P.S. Dave and my big guy were great, too.  They were out running errands and picked up my new prescription (please let it be kind to me) and were very lovingly concerned.  I love my family!!!!

Thanks for "liking" my blog posts!!

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