Friday, March 22, 2013

Say what?

Here's how it usually goes.  I arrive home, my big guy with his hyper mom sensor ability comes out, then he asks me to fix him some food.  Sigh....

Here's how it went today.  Big guy comes out of his room.

Big guy:  "There's been an incident...I farted in my room."

Me:  I say nothing and look at him all disgusted like.

Big guy:  "Why do you have that grossed out look on your face?"

Me:  "Because you said, 'There's been an incident...I farted in my room.'"

Big guy:  "No, I didn't!  I said, 'I'm livestreaming...don't barge into my room.'"

Wow...this girl needs to clean out her ears!

In any case, I'm not going in that room.

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