Monday, March 25, 2013

Green is the Color

"Why is everything good for you have to be green?!?!" he said with great disgust as I spread guacamole on a slice of sprouted bread and sprinkled beet greens over the top...for him...that he asked me to make.

The big guy has a point.  I mean it is rather unfortunate that so many of the veggies do come in that dark shade of green that kids seem to always want to run in the opposite direction of.

Well, I figure I'll check back in about an hour and see if he's managed to choke it down.  Maybe, just maybe, he's turning over a  Sorry, couldn't help myself.

P.S. Only half the sandwich made it down his teenage gullet.  What did he have to say about said sandwich?  "It was just, um, wrong."

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