Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I've Been Dubbed

I got crowned today.  Really it should've involved jewels, pomp and circumstance...instead it involved anxiety and unceremonious drooling.  Seriously, why does every experience with my cute dentist involve my mouth agape and saliva going everywhere it shouldn't?!?!

Anyway, as I was driving home from the dental appointment I found myself stuck at a red light and I figured I'd have a little fun.  Well, at least as much fun as one can with a numb mouth.  I pulled my iPhone out and set it up to receive a bit of dictation from my mush-mouthed self.

What I heard myself saying:  "Blah bla muffle bla blah."

What Siri heard:  "I'm going to blog about this later."

What I heard myself saying:  "Na ma na bla muffle ba blabble bla!"

What Siri heard:  "This phone can understand everything I'm saying!"

What I heard myself saying:  "Fa bla ma nuffle bla la?"

What Siri heard:  "How is this even possible?"

Man, the miracle of technology, eh?

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