Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tis true...I'm a walking, talking cliché....

I feel like a total cliché today.  With spring arriving (I know, not technically...but with global warming and all, it's here darn it!), I did a major dose of spring cleaning.  It started small.  Actually it wasn't me at all.  It was one of my kids who spontaneously cleaned his room...without prompt...without yelling...all on his own...all his idea.  This might just be a miracle, people.  Anyway, he cleared two garbage bags worth of stuff out of his room and it looks great!  Then, I was a recipient of some amazing hand-me-down clothing.  I brought them home, looked at my packed closet (I'm no clothes horse...tiny house, very tiny closet), and knew something had to be done.  So, you got it, I cleared out two garbage bags myself.  I found my favorite small lady friends to share them with and yay, they were gone!  Then Dave and I bought two beautiful quilts at a garage sale.  We got home, realized that there was no room left in the cupboards to put our duvet that was on our bed at the time and again, I knew something had to be done.  So I went wild today.  I cleared out six garbage bags of towels, sheets, blankets, etc. that we hadn't used in forever.  OK, the towels we used back when our toilets were constantly overflowing due to our ancient sewer lines, but that's been replaced and there's not been one overflow.  Let me take a moment here to be thankful for THAT!  Anyway, all of that will be going to the animal shelter tomorrow as they are in constant need of such things.

So, I feel freakishly lighter.  I've got room in my closet and in all my drawers.

Perfect timing...I've got thrift shop dates with both my mom and my little guy this week.

Yay for Spring being sprung!

P.S.  The little guy and I are having a Macklemore challenge...$20 in our pocket...and bonus, we get 20% off because we'll be donating his old clothes while we're there.  Groovy!

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