Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dastardly Digits

I found myself wondering about something this afternoon.  Something I didn't really care to be wondering about, but circumstances pretty much demanded that I did.  Of course the demanding would likely just be a whisper for normal folk, but for my germaphobe self, yeah, pretty much screaming its demand.

Here's what got me to the wondering point.  The kid is in the car with me.  He takes his shoes off as is his habit, and then the toot starts controlling the A/C and radio WITH HIS TOES!!!!

I screamed at him, of course, "Get your toes off my freakin' car!!!!" 

Here's what I'm wondering.  Hands are gross, right?  I mean they touch everything!  And when they're teenage boys hands they likely don't get washed at all during the course of that day.  Feet are gross, too.  Just by definition.  But, really, are feet that have been contained in socks and shoes all day any grosser than those hands?

I dunno...thinking I may need to be OK with the toes in the future.  But I'm definitely taking some antibacterial wipes to the entire area.  Bleck!

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