Sunday, March 3, 2013

Growin' Like a Durn Weed!

A few weeks ago I was "stuck" waiting for my kid's band performance to start.  I thought, "Yay!  People watching!"  But all the adults who were also "stuck" were fabulously boring.  Pretty much every one of them had their noses in their technology piece of choice.  While, yes, I happily utilize my device on many occasions, there's this rebel part of me that simply cannot let myself join the masses.  So...there I sat...looking around...and I'm so glad I did!

You see, soon thereafter a bunch of band members began trickling by in their formal concert attire.  And I tell you what, they had me seriously tickled!  Here's why...

As a result of growing faster than new clothes can be affordably be purchased for them:

• there were so many high water pants.
• many of those same pants were uber tight in all the wrong places...poor kids!
• button down shirts were ever so wrinkly.
• black duct tape had a big presence on shoes covering up anything that made them look like tennies.

My kid?  Oh, yeah.  Some serious high waters and his waistband was forcing him to hold his breath lest his button go "POP!"  And his shirt?  Yeah, they're lucky I put it in the dryer to "fluff" it just a few minutes before we left home.

So today I took some corrective measures.  I dragged out those too short/too tight pants, ripped out the hem, ripped out the back seam, and those pants done got redid.  The kid tried 'em on, turned around, breathed a few times, noted that the pants now drug on the job was done. least until the next growth spurt, anyway.

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