Monday, July 1, 2013


Perhaps I'm sticking my neck out on this one, but no matter where you stand on the abortion choice issue, you have to admire Senator Wendy Davis' strength and passion.  You have to...right?  At any rate, I certainly do.

WWWD?  What Would Wendy Do?  

That's what runs through my head these days if I'm up against anything know, if she could stay standing whilst speaking constantly and coherently, denying her urges to go to the bathroom, eat, or drink, and never even lean on something once pain and fatigue had surely set in for eleven long hours...well then surely I could face whatever challenge I was presented with...surely!

As I found myself "starving" after a long hike, feeling lightheaded and straight up cranky, did I whine?  Uh, well, yes I did.  Just a bit...until I thought, "WWWD?"

As I found myself desperate for sleep after an airline delay and then an airline cancellation on my next flight and I'd been up since 4:00 AM and ended up in the San Francisco airport with no chance of getting anywhere anytime soon (and had had plenty of opportunities to eat, drink, go potty, sit, and lean) did I start griping?  Um, have to admit I did a little...until I thought, "WWWD?"

I used to always think of the labor and births of my own children as my reference for "I can get through this," but now I have Wendy Davis to thank for a new and improved reference for "I can get through this without complaint and look darn good while I get 'er done."

Yup, "WWWD?"  Feel free to use it!

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