Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Found Money

I've had the occasion over the years to find money.  You know, on the ground, in pants at a thrift shop, stuff like that.  And for many, many years now, pretty much most of my life, I've celebrated it...done a little happy dance...and bought myself a little something special.

Until lately that is.

Something happened about a month ago.  I was walking to my car with my grocery cart and I found a dollar bill.  "Hooray!" I thought.  I stuck it in the cup holder in my car and zoomed off.  As I was waiting my turn to exit the parking lot, a homeless man walked by my car.  He was laden down with a heavy backpack, had tangled hair, dirt all over his clothing, and a forlorn look in his eyes.

"What if it was his dollar?" I thought as I made my way home. 

Well, needless to say, I have not spent that dollar.  It's not my dollar to spend.  In fact I feel that I'm just keeping custody of it until I find the right person to give it to. 

Sometime soon just the right person will stroll into a path that intersects with my own and that dollar will find its rightful owner.

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