Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lightening the Load

Yes, it's approaching the end of July...and yes, school let out early June...and yes, the little guy and I just now finally got around to emptying his very full backpack.  Why'd we wait a month-and-a-half?  Because it's always a scary activity.  That's why.

Today's finds?

- oodles of wrappers from snacks he'd taken to school.

- unopened, but very squashed snacks.

- a half-full bottle of water (I still haven't opened it to clean it...a little afraid of the possible smell).

- pretty much every piece of completed homework that he never got around to turning in which resulted in a lot of zeros.

- band photos I have no recollection of having ordered (they're awesome...he's wearing his old horn rimmed glasses and his black and orange hand cast!).

- a brownish piece of something that we could only assume was perhaps food at some point.  Maybe part of an apple?  Maybe a piece of beef jerky?  All I know is that a lot of stuff ended up adhered to whatever it was and I couldn't get rid of it fast enough.

- his language arts journal that he immediately started pouring through for something.

     Me:  "Are you looking for your poem about poop?"
     Little guy:  "Yeah."
     Me:  "I have a photo of that poem on my computer."
     Little guy:  Beamed at me...he knows his mom is proud.

- a french horn mouthpiece that I'm pretty sure I had to buy another one to replace.

- a paperback he'd finished reading at the beginning of the school year.

That darn backpack weighed about twenty pounds...and he carried it around every day. I wonder if it will ever occur to him to clean it out regularly during the school year.  You know, to lighten his load and all.  Or maybe he could just start turning in his homework.

Silly guy!

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