Friday, July 19, 2013

Overactive Imagination

Yes, I've been accused of having one, 'tis true.  Actually I rather take it as a compliment.

But...when you come across an object made of porcelain and steel, an active imagination is not a plus.  You see, when I was traveling recently I found myself in the Denver airport really, really, really needing to go to the bathroom.  I'd been putting it off which is totally and completely against my "teacher on summer break" promise to myself to go ahead and "go" whenever I needed to...because summer is the only time of the year when I can.

Anyway, I picked a stall, began my flushed...tried continuing my business after being flushed...tried concluding my flushed...and finally flush (isn't this when it's supposed to flush?!?!).  I got myself all put back together and opened the door to the stall...and it flushed again!

I quickly looked around for hidden cameras, saw none, and head to the sink.  I looked for a handle...nope.  I waved my hands under the water.  I rolled my eyes, left the restroom whilst digging in my purse for my hand sanitizer, and sent the equipment a parting wish that the toilet and faucet would somehow get together and share the "automatic" love.

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