Monday, July 22, 2013

Channeling my Inner Rube Goldberg Machine

Ah...that lovely moment when....

OK, wait, let me tell you this first.  When my little guy first wanted to take karate I told him, "Yes, absolutely!  On one condition.  You may never, ever use the karate on me."  He agreed, of course, though I could tell he was seriously disappointed.

Anyway, when....'re with your kid at a karate tournament over the weekend, and said delightful kid is feeling happy and keyed up, and the wonderful little guy does a quick little spin and a back kick fully intending to miss you completely, and his rather large man-size-on-a-boy foot taps your elbow from beneath, and your innocent little elbow goes up causing your equally innocent hand, which is holding an equally innocent cup, to raise up and knock you on the underside of the chin, which hurt a surprisingly lot!

Me:  "You got me in the face, dude!"

Little guy:  "I got you in the elbow.  You hit yourself in the face."

Little guy's friend:  "Now's not the time to deny it, now's the time to hug your mom."

And hug me he did.

Thinking there's a slight possibility that I might just milk this one for a few more know, if he wants to keep taking karate and all....

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