Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Man with the Can Plan

There's this fella I've been seeing lately.  He's delightfully bald, in his 60s or early 70s, very tan, has a most beautiful storytelling face, and is in great shape.  He's always shirtless when I encounter him, that's how I know.  I see him running and he's consistently carrying bags...and the number of bags increases when I pass him for the second time in a day.  It's not that I'm fast and lap him or anything, it's that I turn around and double back when I'm out riding my bike.

Anyway, one day one of his bags was kind of transparent and I could finally see what was in there.  Lots and lots of aluminum cans.  And then I got to wondering.  Is he doing it just to clean up?  Is he collecting them so he can make a littel money?  Does he give the cans to a homeless person so they can get a little money?

I think I need to stop and introduce myself to this interesting fella...I want to hear his story.

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