Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Gi Epiphany

I've been aware for quite some time that sports equipment has a smell.  The soccer shin guards...woof!  The football pads...ugh!  But what has managed to top everything thus far has been the karate gear.  Head gear, gloves, and foot gear...oh, my!

Until just lately, that is.

Little guy:  "Hey mom, I left my gear bag unzipped after practice and it doesn't smell."

Note...his habit for about a year now has been to leave all his gear (including his mouth guard and cup) crammed, zipped up in his bag, until the next class.

Me:  "OMG, you had an epiphany!"

Little guy:  "That's stupid mom."

Me:  "I'm a poet and I didn't know it."

Little guy:  "That's even stupider mom."

I may be stupider, but it sure does smell better 'round these parts!

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