Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Trail Lovin'

I do so love hitting the hike and bike trail.  It's one of my favorite things about summer mornings.  It never fails to surprise, please, and leave me in awe.

Some cool stuff I encountered...

• A man sitting in the shade of a bridge playing his harmonica...I gave him a nod of thanks, he gave me a nod of welcome.

• Two women talking about ovulation not the part of life I'm in!

• Four fellow teachers who were walking looking super cute-n-sassy.

• The scent of bat guano...oddly enough, once I settle into the scent I almost find myself enjoying it in an "I love Austin" kind of way.

• Many pigeons who seem to overly assume that I'll go around them rather than them needing to fly the heck out of my way.

• Super, duper happy dogs off of their leashes bounding into the river.

• Beautiful turtles swimming in the water below the bridge I rode my bike across.

• An older couple walking very slowly on the trail...when I caught up to them I realized that the woman was totally engaged with whatever was on her iPhone...she absolutely looked like the hip young folk I see so often strolling the streets.

Wishing for many more summer days of surprise, pleasure, and awe...and an earnest hope that whenever I'm on the trail in thirty some odd years that I'll be totally engaged with the people, pigeons, and pooches.

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