Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A tiny, little, literal "slice" of my life....

It's a nutty thing.  I can ask my little guy a million gazillion times to do something....

Me:  "Clean your room, please."

Little guy:  ...ignore

Me:  "Clear your dishes, please."

Little guy:  ...ignore

Me:  "Wake up."

Little guy:  ...ignore

Me:  "Do your homework."

Little guy:  ...ignore

But...when he goes with me to the dermatologist and the doctor says, "I need to cut that mole off..."

Me:  "Come see the doctor cut my mole off."

Little guy:  Yeah, you got it, he was SO RIGHT THERE for that.

Hmmmmmmm...apparently motivating children effectively involves blood, sweat, tears, AND flesh.


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