Saturday, July 6, 2013

On Porpoise

I rather love times when I get to sit back and simply watch the "youth of today"...i.e. my kids and their friends.  And it's so much fun getting to glimpse the things they do that I'll likely never do again in my lifetime (on purpose anyway).

• belly flopping - over and over and over again until huge red blotches stain the chest and abs.

• swimming in a pool fully clothed - just because hey, there's a pool and I want to get

• wild-n-crazy water battle with a HUGE porpoise and a HUGE orca as the bounty to be protected/stolen while using water guns to attack and kick boards as shields.

Now, one thing I'll likely do that they did today...say "Do it on porpoise" over and over again...just because a big inflatable porpoise is in the vicinity.  Yeah, because that never loses its charm.

So, do me a favor and imagine that I started this post with "purpose" spelled "porpoise".  Deal?  Thanks!  You're the best!

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