Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's all in a Name

I had the pleasure of meeting the teeniest, furriest little dog yesterday...and that dog's name was Indiana Bones.  The fella with the dog rather sheepishly told me that "She was named by a kid."  And I was all thinking, "Awesome name, dude, claim responsibility!"  Course the sheepishness wore off when I chimed right in and was clearly, utterly and completely, a fan of the Indiana Jones movies.  I mean, really, are there people out there who are not? 

Anyway, I love pet names.  Especially the coming up with the names part.  I've had sooooo many pets over the years...dogs, cats, turtles, opossums, rats, gerbils, hamsters, and likely more that I've forgotten.

It seemed when I was a kid we typically just let most of the animals name themselves based on their life experiences or traits.

Smudge:  the cat who always hung out under the car and got grease on his head and back daily.

Zippy:  the cat that we accidentally ran over who had to have surgery and ended up with stitches that we thought looked like a zipper on his hip.

One and T'other:  twin cats.

Ten:  our tenth cat we had at that time.

Eleven:  our eleventh cat we had at that time.

Kerplunk:  a cat we had that liked to jump from high objects.

Kerchoo:  a cat we had that sneezed a lot.

Possy:  the first opossum pet I found and kept for a while.

Opie:  the second opossum pet I found and kept for a while.

Turdus:  the turtle I found who later escaped our back yard.

Stubby:  my pet rat who was born with a partial limb.

Thinking my kids are darn lucky I'd gotten over my way of naming things by the time they came along.

P.S.  One of my favorite pet naming stories is of a friend's dog who was named Dammit.  What a blast it would have been to stand in the front yard yelling...

"Come here, Dammit!"

"Fetch, Dammit!"

"Sit, Dammit!"

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