Friday, July 26, 2013

A Little Something to Chew On

I quit my gum chewing habit about a month ago.  (I blogged about it because I'm a total dork - Quitting Gum Blog).  No, I didn't fall off the wagon...I still have not indulged.  But what I did do, or almost do, was almost as bad.  You see, the day after I quit I found three partial packs of gum in my school backpack.  I used my self control and tucked them into one of my drawers.  Happened to be my underwear drawer, but that's beside the point, until later that is.

A few days ago I noticed that my big guy had particularly minty breath, a large number of gum wrapper trash all over his desk, and a couple of pack containers.  I thought nothing of it except, perhaps, "poor little gum addict."  Then yesterday I remembered those packs of gum.  I figured, "Hey, I'll be a nice mom and give them to my kids."  You know, just a surprise gift for being awesome and all.  Or if I were to take my own experience with gum into consideration I guess it was more of a, "I'll contribute to the corruption of my children."

Anyway, I went to my drawer, dug around, and only found one pack.  One!  Being the master detective that I am, of course I remembered seeing those packs on my big guy's desk.  I stomped in there carrying the single pack I had found.

Me:  "Did you take two packs of gum out of my drawer?"

Big guy:  "Yup."  The kid is a terrible liar, eye brows getting all twitchy and such.  Thankfully!  Suppose that's why he confessed so easily.


Big guy:  "Nope, I just got your gum."

Me:  "Just so you know, girls don't like that."

And I left and went into my little guy's room and gave him the remaining pack of gum.

...I need to find a new hiding place!

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