Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Perfect Fit

I'm super excited!  I went for a fitting today.  Lucky me...I get to be an extra on a hit television show.  I haven't seen it because I only watch TV shows on Netflix and it hasn't made it there yet, but I hear it's great.

I figured that as a forty-six year old broad they'd have me comfortably in a turtle neck and pants, or at the very least, a long gown that went from shoulder to the base of my shoes.  

Anyway, can't give any show details because that's the rules, but here's how the fitting went after she got the info on the sizes I wore, top to bottom.

Me:  "Hey, just a heads up, I have some cellulite on my thighs...I'm forty-six, that's how we roll."

Lovely wardrobe lady:  "I'm in my thirties and I have cellulite."

She got out an assortment of pants, tops, skirts, jewelry and shoes.  I tried on several outfits.  She eliminated bits and pieces, brought new stuff, took the rejects away, sized me up, had me put my cut-away shirt on backward, rigged me with a little help for the "girls," and called me "done".

Me:  "This is so much fun!  I'm dressing up like high school me...where's my mohawk?"

Lovely wardrobe lady:  "You're fun to dress."

Yes, my friends, I get to be on TV in an outfit very similar to the one that got me sent home from high school one day.  Forty-six is officially hot...well, at least as hot as I can make it.

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