Thursday, July 25, 2013


I love to ride my bike!  Seriously, it's my favorite accessory.

This morning as I rode around the lake I came to the area where everyone is allowed to have their dogs off leash.  I love this part of the trail.  Happy running dogs are everywhere, running after thrown balls, jumping into the lake, panting full of straight-up bliss.  I always take it slow as I ride know, the dogs own that part, I yield to them.  While most of the dogs are savvy, looking before they dart across the trail, this morning I encountered what must have been a three-ish month old puppy.  It zigged, it zagged, it crossed right in front of me, stopped and just looked..."What the heck is this human on?!?!"  It was the cutest little being ever and totally made my day.

And, like every time I get home from my morning bike rides, my dogs run out and give my bike an olfactory inspection, and then give me that look I both adore and expect...

"You've been with other dogs!"

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