Friday, July 12, 2013

Bigger isn't always Better

I've been wearing my contacts lately in preparation for this TV extra part I'm playing, bifocal contacts at that.  And if you've ever gone a long time between wearing your contacts and have been wearing your glasses instead, then you'll know all about what I've been experiencing.  You see, with my newly worn contacts everything looks larger.  And I mean everything!  Now some things are nice to see know, eyes, the "girls", my art, my pets, my husband's big, super-strong biceps....

But, today when I went to Target and was getting some home basics and I thought, "Hey, I'll grab a couple pairs of panties while I'm here," I was unprepared for the absolute HUGENESS my size would be presenting a la contacts as I held said garments up for a gander.

Nope, the underwear purchase can wait until after I go back to my glasses, thank you very much.

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