Friday, July 5, 2013

Predator and Prey

We live in the land of "Just a minute!" 'round these parts.  Seems like every request is followed by those words I've come to not like so very much.  Now, if they truly meant sixty seconds, we'd be good, but what they truly mean is, "Go away now and I'm going to completely ignore what you asked me to do until you nag me relentlessly."

So this morning when I said, "Come on, it's time to go," and it was followed by, "Just a minute!" well, I decided I'd use said "minute" in the best possible way I could.  I leaned in, wrapped my arms around my kid, kissed and tickled him.

Little guy:  "Stop attacking me!!!"

Me:  "If this is 'attacking,' then you'd better get used to it...because I'm totally the predator and you're the prey in this situation."

And then he got ready to go right quick!

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