Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Fishy Tale

I'm thinking I'm getting older...or more paranoid...certainly more neurotic.

You see, I've developed a couple of phobias over the past two months of riding my bike on the trails. (I love summer!!)

1. I am terrified of runners' loogies.  You know, like when they just spontaneously send one flying no matter that a sweet little bicyclist is coming from behind...right in the path of said loogie.  Ew!

2.  I am petrified of crazy monkey hand talkers.  And I can say that because I am one (see my blog post about my own hand talking).  As I pass people walking and talking I'm just certain that one of them is going to throw an arm out, surely telling their friend, "The fish was this big," and whack me in the face giving me a black eye or a bloody nose.  Seriously, it could happen!

Course I have to say how much I love that my imagination goes into overdrive on these deliciously long summer rides of mine....

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