Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sad Clown - Part 1

When I was digging through a bin of old photos while I was off work for my surgery, I came across a bunch of pictures of my big guy when he was a very little guy. One just jumped out at me and insisted that I paint it. My big guy was maybe four years old and it must have been around Halloween because he's wearing a clown outfit. So about sixteen years ago my big guy got all clown outfitted up and something must have happened. Maybe something big, maybe something little, but whatever it was left him feeling sad. And that moment in time was captured on film.

I started working on painting that sweet, sad little clown today.

I started by painting the basic colors of the background.

I used watered down black paint to rough in
his basic shape. He's sitting on the window sill.

I went over it in white so I could begin painting color.
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  1. Aw - poor guy. Can't wait to see more!

    1. I love painting my own kids. My big guy was such a thoughtful little kid. He spent a lot of time reflecting. Perhaps his look was reflection rather than sadness. He doesn't remember...I asked him.