Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bless her Heart

It's been one of them Ellie Mae Clampett kind of days 'round these parts.  Dave and the boys headed up north to grandma's for Christmas Eve Day family fun while I, still under quarantine, held down the fort.  Well, I and our three critters, that is.  I spent the day cleaning, sorting, watching a little Netflix, and sleeping...and everywhere I was, my three little ones (Pug, Scout and Hazel) were right there with me.  They were my groupies!  It was all fine and good until Hazel, the one with the least life experience found herself trapped.  And, with NO WAY OUT!

Now, of course, being the awesome critter mom that I am, instead of running to her aid when she began panic whimpering, I ran straight for my camera.  OK, running is definitely an exaggeration, I moved very slowly, I had a fever after all.  Here's the picture I took.

You can clearly see that she is "trapped" four inches off the ground on the window sill in our bedroom.  Yes, I know our window area could use a paint job, but, hey, it doesn't bother me in the least.  Anyway, she has the jumping skills required to jump in the basket in front of her or even jump right over it.  She also has been seen, on many occasions, moving backward (the most obvious solution to me...go out the same way you came in).  I did eventually rescue her, of course, and she promptly lay down in bed beside me, worn out from the recent traumatic event, and fell asleep.  Bless her sweet, little, inexperienced heart.

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