Monday, December 12, 2011

The Cure for the Common Cold

I did it!  I discovered the cure for the common cold.  Here's how it started....

Dave:  "Will you make cookies?  I think it will make me feel better."  Poor Dave, he's got a major case of mucous head.

Me:  "Don't get near me."  Mucous is just about my least favorite form of moisture.

Dave:  "I'll get near you if you don't make cookies."

OK, OK sicky dude, I'm on it!  Lucky for him, big guy and I had gone to HEB earlier and just happened to pick up the critical cookie ingredients.  I measured, I mixed, I made little dough balls, and I cooked them up just right.

I took a plate of 9 cookies to Dave while a second batch cooked to golden perfection.  I really wasn't sure of the dosage at that point, but I figured that more was better.  A little while later a satisfied-looking Dave brought the empty plate.  "Little guy helped," he explained, looking more than a bit guilty.

I'll keep you posted on his recovery.  I have the kind of faith that Granny from "The Beverly Hillbillies" had in her moonshine.  You consume it and in seven days or so you'll be as good as new.

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