Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Money Laundering

Every time I bring a basketful of clean laundry and present it to my family I'm stunned that I'm greeted with disappointment rather than the feeling of excitement I think is warranted.  I mean, really, it's pretty much a miracle that has just occurred.  They trash their clothes, place them in baskets (well...sometimes, anyway), and the laundry fairy (me) takes them to the laundry room, washes them, dries them in the drier or on the clothesline, and then happily brings them to the living room for them to fold.  These days I greet them with a "Thanks, mom."  You know, to save them the trouble and all.  And then I slink off to the other room to count the money I found in the washer and drier.  I consider it my laundry fairy fee. 

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