Monday, December 5, 2011

Boom, Boom, Fire Power!

So it's possible that I'm a little jumpy.  Tonight I was in the kitchen making chocolate chip cookies for my little guy's winter band concert reception.  Little guys says, "Hey mom, it's one of those things."  I hear a "BOOM!" and see a yellow/orange flickering outside of the front window.

"There's a fire outside...a fire outside!!!" I yell.

Dave and little guy run over and look out the window.

"It's a utility truck," one of them says.

"Oh..." I say turning my attention back to my cookies, being sure to make no eye contact.

"Fail," little guy puts me in my place.

In my defense, the "BOOM!" was real.  One of our dogs bumped into the wall or a cupboard, or something.  OK, so it wasn't a "BOOM!" rather more of a "boom."  And those yellow/orange flashing lights totally looked like a flickering fire would through condensation-covered windows.  And our transformer thingie on the pole outside HAS exploded in flames before.

So...perhaps not a total "fail"...right?

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