Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hit the Deck

I love what happens when you bring out a deck of cards.  So much fun from just 52 little cards.  First two rounds of rummy Dave and my butts were full on kicked.

"I'm sorry guys...I destroyed you!"  Oh, yeah, no doubt, little dude.

Many bad jokes were told with the explanation of, "I'm no end of brilliant fodder."

Course I couldn't resist responding to Dave with a really bad Austin Powers movie impression of, "You are a brilliant fodder."

Then, oy, calling our puppy a poopy, big guy being told, "You need to take a poopy."

Jokes about corn and our puppy, or was it "poopy"... there's something Austin Powersish there, too, I think.

Oh, my...good times were had! 

(please excuse the wee bit of goo in the lower right corner that dripped from a sunflower)

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