Friday, December 30, 2011

Love is in the Air

What I neglected to say in my previous blog was that Dave and I were on an overnight date.  We had a complimentary stay at a downtown hotel and we left the kids HOME ALONE.  First time ever!  We were very clear that our cat, Pug, was in charge while we were away seeing how he's the most responsible critter living in our house.

Anyway, lovely, lovely time was had by all.  When we got home mid-morning the kiddos were still asleep.  We hung around for a bit, quality puppy time was needed, of course, and puttered around the house briefly.  As Dave and I were coming off of our romantic night away (I got 10 hours sleep, thank you very much!!!  I LOVE blackout curtains!), we figured a trip to Home Depot to look for a new toilet was a great way to keep the romance candle burning.  After all, nothing says, "I love you," like discussing whether or not a particular toilet can handle your "output" effectively.  Yeah, makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  When we got back early afternoon the kids were STILL sleeping.  Rattle, rattle, shake, shake, grunt, grunt....

Me:  "Did you miss us?"

Little guy:  "Not a bit."

Me:  "What was the best thing about last night?"

Little guy:  "You being gone."

Me:  "What was the worst part?"

Little guy:  "Not as good food."

See, I knew he missed us!

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  1. Good to hear the kids were fine. Toilet romance is the best. That's how Isaac and I begun...