Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Danger, Danger, Will Robinson...yup, they sure 'nuf love me!

Earlier today I read an article about how great hula hooping is exercise-wise.  Made me crave it super big time.  Tonight after a thorough homework nag session with the little guy, I went outside and got my favorite hula hoop...the pink and black one with skulls and crossbones...I seriously love it!  I started hooping and did one left hand above-the-head trick and was immediately admonished.

"No tricks, mom!!" little guy yelled at me.

Theory is that I got my blood clot from crazy, radical, obsessive-compulsive hula hoop practicing, right hand over-my-head, specifically.

"I'm using my left hand, babe."  Surely that would excuse my behavior, right?

"You don't want to have a clot on that side, too, do you?"  Little guy is sounding like the adult in this situation for sure.

So I stick to doing it at my waist.  Still super groovy fun.

Dave walks in, "No hula hooping!"


"I'm allowed to do this."  It's true, the doctor told me I could!  So there!

I get a little wacky, dare devil vibe and let the hoop go down to my knees, and I'm workin' it.

"You don't want to get a knee clot, do you?"  Dave points out.

OK, OK, I get it.  My family LOVES me!!

But I can't help but picture Robby the Robot, arms all a wagglin'.  "Danger, Danger..."

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