Sunday, December 25, 2011

Well, Color me Goofy!

OK, so the world is spinning just a bit, my stomach is rumbling all wacky, I just want to sit still and keep my eyes closed.  Am I sick again (still)?  Nah...I just accidentally left my glasses at my dad's (I brought 'em in case I decided to take a Christmas Day nap out there and needed to take my contacts out).  So, I've been wearing, or trying to wear, my glasses from the mid '90s.  I know I have only marginal style sense these days, but back then I had a clear and devastating deficit.  These glasses are golly gosh awful!  They were bad even back then.  I clearly remember people telling me things like:

"Wow, those would never look good on me, but I see you're pulling it off."

"Gee, those are VERY colorful."  (The rims are, essentially, rainbows.)

"Those glasses must go with anything you decide to wear."

And, clueless me, I'd smile right big at those "compliments" and think I was the shiznit.  And, sad to say, looking back at pictures I DID wear them with any and ALL colors.  Oh, my, my, my....

So, the nausea I'm feeling is utterly and completely related to the 15 year old prescription in my old glasses, not due to their ghastly appearance.  My family, on the other hand, do seem to be suffering from their visual presence in our home.  I've had to issue an apology for being so stuuuuupid 15 years ago, and an assurance that I'll get my current glasses back by tomorrow.

Other than the glasses incident, this has been a fabulous day with my family.  I hope you've had a wonderful day today filled with love, life and family, too!

Our Awesome Christmas Tree

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