Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Symmetry is WAY Overrated

I was sitting at the table this morning.  Little guy was eating his bagel and I was making my daily mad attempt to contain my big Texas hair.  I had the left side in a loose knot bun and the right side in a braid.

Little guy:  "Mom, your hair's not the same on both sides."

Me:  Yeah, I'm gonna braid the other side, too.  You may have to tell me stuff like this when I get older and I end up going out looking like this."

Little guy:  "That'd be funny."

Me:  "You could walk with me and explain that I'm your crazy mom."

Little guy:  "No way...I'd walk behind you and ask, 'Who's the crazy lady?'"

Good to know he's got a plan.

Dave's grandma's monkey and my childhood owl nightlight...
they're kitchen shelf besties.

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