Monday, December 19, 2011

Little Dude be Ailin'

Within thirty seconds of coming home, little guy was begging, pleading, "Don't make me go to school tomorrow...pleeeeeeeease!"  We made him go through what the entire day would look like to see if there was some academic benefit to him attending school and Dave made him promise to do all his bidding for the entire night if we let him stay home.  Little dude was all over that.  He ran and got Dave a pillow and a blanket so he could "comfortably" lie down on the floor with the puppy.  When Dave got up and went to sit in his reclining Archie Bunker chair, little guy ran to get the blanket and cover him up and brought him a tall glass of ice water.

Funny thing...the little guy had us OK with him staying home anyway.  We were all for it after his first sneeze upon entering the house with his backpack, lovely slimy green slithering from his nose to his upper lip.

We're not letting him in on that, though.  You know, just in case we want him to do any more nice things for us this evening.

A little scene from our front room...
I'm sure this is why he wants to stay home...
most definitely NOT his XBOX.

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