Tuesday, December 27, 2011

God Save the Queen...or the Prince...or the...whatever

We spent the afternoon with my brother's family today.  It was fabulous...I'm totally, utterly and completely in love with them all.  They left today.   Sniff, sniff, not feeling like talking about it yet, but I will say we have already begun the process of figuring out how I can fly out to California with the boys this summer (yes, the days of driving to California are finished for now, whew, been there, done that TWICE, check it off the list).

Anyway, after they left today I needed to drive my dad's minivan to the dealer to get it repaired.  Apparently my brother broke a bunch of parts in the two weeks he used it.  Or, maybe it was just a coincidence.  Hmmmmmm...I dunno.  I gave little guy the choice between riding with me in the van and riding with Dave in the Prius.  And...drumroll...he chose ME!  Yeah, I'm feeling like the awesome mom he must see me as.  For sure.  No doubt.  I'm riding high as I turn the key in the ignition, and within one second little dude turns on the radio and tunes it to his favorite hip-hop/rap station.  Oh.  I get it.  It's not about me, not really.  It's about me consistently allowing him to choose the radio station (I actually totally dig his music).  We're cruising along and I'm quietly singing along to parts I know.  When we turned onto the highway and were delighting in the bliss that 183 is at 5 PM on a weekday, "We Will Rock You" and then "We are the Champions" played.  Oh, man!  We both love those and they're pretty much the only songs my guy is OK with me crooning along to, loud and proud.  Only I discovered that in the aftermath of my cold, my singing voice is seriously hoarse.  Little dude looked at me, a bit pleased with my plight.  When the songs ended he turned off the radio.  I get that.  I mean, gosh, nothing can top that, no way.

Little guy:  "Was that Prince or Queen?"

Me:  "That was Queen."

Little guy:  "I always get them confused."  (I'm thinking, "I NEVER get them confused!")

Me:  "Yeah, those regal names are hard to keep straight, eh."

Little guy:  "They really are."

I love him so much!!!

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