Saturday, December 31, 2011

An Encounter with a Divine Creature

I ran into a divine creature today at Costco.  Walking down one of the frozen foods aisles, I saw a man and a woman making their way toward my direction.  They both had the loveliest long gray hair.  The woman's was tinted with hot pink on the sides, she wore glasses and a nose ring, was just the right amount of blissfully overweight...and, oh, my...she was divine. 

"Your hair makes me SO happy!"  I say as soon as I'm in range.  I could see my big guy shrink just a bit out of the corner of my eye.

She stammered a bit, surprised by my proclamation, and then smiled ever so brightly and owned what I had said with a gracious response.

"I can't wait for mine to be as amazing as yours...OK, I can wait, but I will so embrace it."  I know, I'm a bit of a spaz.

Her mate smiled softly at me, "Yes, embrace the days along the way."

As my big guy and I continued on I could hear the divine creature with the pink embellishments gushing a bit about how nice it was to hear what I'd said.

Big guy:  "You talk to a lot of random people, Mom."  This was said as a comment, not as high praise.

Me:  "Yeah, because I'm awesome."

Big guy:  "You're weird."

Fine-n-dandy...I'll just as happily embrace my current weirdness as my eventual gray hair (WITH pink highlights!).

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