Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Show me the Money

I got my hair trimmed today.  Actually, every human member of my family got their hair cut today.  We figured AFTER all the photo ops were done we'd go ahead and spiff up.  Yup, we're thinkers!

Anyway, when I was getting my hair trimmed ("Just the tiniest amount, please."  I'm growing my bangs AND my layers out, thank you very much.), I asked the woman cutting my hair if she was going to trim my layered parts to clean them up as well and she said that the highlights I had in my hair would take care of that on their own.  "Hmmmmmm," I'm thinking.  I sat on that comment for a bit trying to wrap my mind around what she meant.

Me:  "What do you mean 'the highlights would take care of that'?"

Her:  "The highlighting chemically damages your hair so it just breaks on its own."

OK, this could go two directions.  One, my hair looks uber damaged, chemically so, in fact.  Two, I look like I spend a lot of money and time on my hair, which lazy/cheap old me doesn't.

Me:  "I don't highlight my hair, this is all natural."  I wait, slightly cringing, to see what her response would reveal.

Her:  "You don't?  That's amazing.  People would kill for your hair."  Gee, I hope not!  "People spend a lot of money to get hair just like yours."

OK, so I'm relaxing into number two option.

I sat there in silence as she went ahead and cleaned up my non-highlighted layers, too.  Actually, it just gave me time to think.

Me:  "So...just how much money do people spend to highlight their hair to make it look just like mine?"

Her:  "Maybe about $185ish."  GASP!!!

Me:  "And how often do they do this?"

Her:  "Every six weeks or so."  Whoa, holy moly!

So, I came home with a great new hair cut AND great news for my Go-to-California budget.  I'm thinking that every six weeks that goes by that I'm not spending $185 getting my hair highlighted, that money goes into my fund!  I mean, wowza, just look at how much money I save my family purely by having great naturally highlighted hair genes.  Cha-ching!!

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