Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Hot" Date Awesomeness

So, did you know people in Austin go out on weeknights?  I had no idea.  Really, none.  I'm sitting in a coffee shop on a Thursday evening, sipping my decaf (lest my sleep be disturbed tonight...perish the thought), people watching, blogging, and utterly and completely ignoring Dave.

Did I mention that we're out on a date?

There is something terribly romantic about tandem laptop use, there really is.  We're relaxed, have no responsibilities, and, hey, we're together.  Remember, people, most of our dates end with our bringing bags of groceries into the house.  This date is "HOT"!

OK, so I'm looking over the screen of my computer at my husband thinking, "Dang, he's SO cute," and I notice he's looking off to my left.  I turn around and am greeted with the sight of a couple doing some heavy, HEAVY making out.  Not just your run-of-the-mill public displays of affection.  No I'm seriously thinking that a child may be conceived just a mere six feet from where I'm sitting.  I turn around quickly and Dave is smiling, giggling a bit, and tilting his head just slightly.  I figure he's making fun of my reaction to the love session, but, no, the dude is blissing out because he's face timed big guy.  I tune my ears in just in time to hear him say, "I didn't call to talk to you, I called because I'm missing my puppy."  And, darn, the "Dad of the Year" nominations just ended yesterday.  Ah, well.  Big guy dutifully scampered off and brought Hazel into the camera's view and Dave got his puppy fix.  All I have to say is I feel really lucky to have a husband more interested in puppies than frisky coffee shop activities.

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  1. The picture of sitting and ignoring each other actually sounds romantic. Jeez, I guess this is how "grown ups" do dates. I need to call a "sick" day again ;)