Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shhhhhhh...It's a Secret

My sweet husband watched the Victoria's Secret show that was on last night.  I sat a safe distance away working on my computer. 

"Hey, Kal," (my nickname for my's pronounced like "call") "She's looking at me!  That model is looking at me right through the camera and the TV!" 

"Uh, huh, that's nice, Dave."  Bless his heart.

"You could look just like them, Kal, if you grew a foot and stayed the same weight."  I suppose that's true.  I'm barely five feet tall and I weigh just over 100 pounds. 

I muster it up to go take a look-see as the music on the show was pretty awesome.  Guess that's pretty much like the whole "I read it for the articles" excuse.  They were lovely, I admit it, but I'm not rushing out to get a set of wings or a corset anytime soon.

Poor Dave...

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