Thursday, August 1, 2013

Home Sweet Home

In spite of the fact that we have a fabulous clothesline that I love and adore, we end up using our dryer a lot.  Seriously, it's a surprising amount of laundry I do and it often builds up into mounds of clothing and towels...luckily mostly clean.

Well, this morning I got a wild hair and decided that our dryer, that serves us so well with nary a complaint, deserved a bit of T.L.C.  So, I YouTubed a bunch of "care and feeding of your dryer" type videos and found one that suggested a delinting.  Off went the kickplate.  Off went some whatchamacallit cover thing.  And then I found out where all the dryer lint that manages to escape the lint catcher goes to live out its life in bliss.  There was the hugest ball of tough, cohesive lint I'd ever seen!  I picked that sucker up, briefly considered dissecting as if it were a huge owl pellet, and then gingerly carried it to the trash...after I picked out the $1.73 that was in it.


Hey, I wouldn't be me without a little picking!

Home Sweet (and safer) Home

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