Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aging Backward Style

As I rode my bike home from work today I passed a lady, perhaps in her late sixties...and she had the bluest hair ever!  And I loved it.  Now it wasn't normal old lady blue hair, nope, this was fabulously electric blue.  And it got me thinking.  If we tend to age backward, as I hear we do, as we get toward our twilight years, why not age backward hair color wise.  You know, go through my rebellious teen (I was always kind, even if people assumed by my look that I wasn't) years again.

So here's my plan...in order...in reverse of how it actually went the first time around.

• bleach hair almost white.
• dye hair blue
• dye hair pink
• shave head except for the front and have one gangly little tail protruding from the side
• shave hair into a mohawk
• perm hair curly rockabilly style
• dye hair auburn
• dye hair black
• bleach hair almost white
• get short spiky hair cut
• get hair cut like a boy
• spike just the top of my otherwise shoulder-length hair
• dye hair rainbow colors just for fun and then find out that food coloring is PERMANENT

Yup, there's my plan.  Oh, and I want to be one of those red hat ladies, too, you know, so I can weart the hat, I don't care about the meetings as much, and I'm pretty sure a red hat will go with anything.

Here's to all the cool "old" ladies out there!  You're my heroes!

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