Thursday, August 8, 2013

To the Batcave!

I can finally check off something that I've been procrastinating since 2012.  The thing is, at the school where I work there's a small outdoor hallway that has been dubbed The Bat Cave.  Students, parents, and staff have created amazing pieces of art on panels of wood.  The artist purchases the panel for about twenty dollars (I can't remember exactly, it was so long ago!) and then goes nuts making something bat-ish.  There are mosaic bats, mixed media bats, painted bats, and more.  It's just one little piece of our school that represents the abundance of art appreciation that is present.  Seriously, the campus has to be one of the most beautiful public elementary schools evah!

Anyway, after purchasing my wood panel sometime in December of last year, here's my contribution...finally!  Excited to see my little silver bat amongst its cave-dwelling friends.

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