Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm a Walking Billboard

Not in the way that you see those serious bicyclists all decked out with brand names and sponsors on every inch of their outfits.  And not in the way that some folks that are way more concerned about such things than I make sure they have some brand name of such-and-such plastered across their chest...or bootie.  And not even in the way that millions of children have popular characters on their shirts, PJs and such.

Nope, I'm a walking...I should say "running" billboard in that I've totally been a Nyquil ad the last couple of days.  Perhaps even a Benadryl ad.  And toss a little Advil in there just for fun.

Yup, runny nose, achy, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, exhausted me!

So, hey, I may be willing to make a deal with the devil...how about this?  I'll happily wear outfits showcasing your awesome products for three months straight if you'll actually heal me from this cold before that seven day common cold shelf life.

Sigh...happily I'm having blissful, infection-driven "Beverly Hillbillies" memories of Granny discovering the cure to the common cold.  If memory serves correct, it was some sort of moonshine, and she guaranteed it'd work within a week of using it.  Loved that Granny!

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